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How To Fix Invalid Configuration Sky Go Error Message?

If you get the error message saying “Invalid Configuration“, it means that the browser which you are using is not compatible with the Sky Go service. Sky Go service is available to specific web browsers which are compatible with Silverlight. Following are the web browsers which are compatible with the Sky Go service. Safari 4 or above (Mac only) Mozilla Firefox 3.5/latest Release Also Read: How To Access Sky Hd Box Secret Installer Menu Setup? Internet Explorer If you are

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How To Fix Not Enough Disk Space Sky Go Error Message?

When you download the programmes, Sky go Extra stores them on your hard drive. If you see an error message “There is not enough disk space“, it means that you have run out of disk space to store the downloaded programme. In order to save the data, you need to free up some of the disk space. If you are using Windows, follow the below mentioned steps to check the free disk space: STEP 1: Click on Start at the bottom

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