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Sky Offers one of the most extensive networks of customer care services in the UK. The Sky TV Customer Care services can be divided into two groups, Sky TV Customer Support and Sky TV Customer Complaint. Sky extends a wide variety of support options under both these categories. Here, we have provided detailed information about each of these services.

Sky TV Contact

You can seek help from Sky TV related to any of its products and services. Here, we have discussed in detail all the four support methods offered by Sky TV.

Sky TV Customer Support Guides

Sky has a help page on their website, where they offer a number of customer support articles to their users. You will first need to create a user id for yourself, if not already registered for the service. Once signed up, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Log-in to your customer account
  • Select “Sky TV”
  • Choose the type of Sky TV service you need support with. Whether it is Sky Q or Sky Plus.
  • Now, you will be asked to pick the category that you need support with. You have to choose among Watching Sky TV; An On-Screen Message; Sky Q Equipment; Sky Viewing Card; Sky TV PIN; Settings & Preferences; and Account & Billing.
  • Once you select an option, you will be provided with a new menu of options that breaks down the problem even further.
  • This cycle will continue until you find the exact issue that you are facing.
  • Once you click on the final issue, you will be provided with an article containing a step-by-step guide towards solving the issue.
  • Follow these steps and if you still face the issue, you will have two options. Either you can look at a new guide or you can get in touch with an expert from Sky.

Sky TV Customer Support Through Facebook Messenger

Sky TV offers customer care services online, on Facebook. They have a Facebook page by the name “Service Support 50” fully dedicated to customer support for Sky TV services. You can simply leave a message in the messenger chat head. An expert from Sky will soon get in touch with you. Sky does not generally take a lot of time when it comes to replies, however, it depends upon the availability of technicians. It is to be noted here that in order to seek online support through Facebook messenger, you must have an active user account with Facebook.

Sky TV Customer Support Through Text Message

You can also seek technical help from Sky by sending an SMS on their Customer Care number for text services, that is, 0786-001-5556. Simply explain your query in the text body and send it on the given number. This number is only meant for text-based services and they do not entertain any calls here.

After sending the text, you may have to wait for some time as the time to get a reply depends upon the availability of experts.

Sky TV Customer Support From Community

Sky Community is an online community base of Sky customers where a customer can post his or her queries related to any product or TV Show. The other community members who have faced the same issue will answer your queries. This process is a bit time consuming and responses are not guaranteed as they come from the community. You can join the sky community at

Sky TV Customer Care Number

The last but the least method to get support from the sky community is to get in touch with a technical expert via call. The Sky TV customer care number is 0844 385 1222. You can call on this number at any time of the day. It is to be noted here that the Sky TV customer care service is exclusive to Sky Talk and Sky Mobile users. If you are using any other telecom operator, call charges will apply as per standard call rates.

Sky TV Customer Complaint

You can file a complaint about any Sky TV services by using any of the following methods:

Write to Sky TV Customer Complaints

You can write a letter to Sky TV customer complaint. In the letter, elaborate on the issue that you are facing with the services. Once you get done with drafting the letter, post it to the following address:

Customer Complaints, Sky Subscribers Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD

Sky TV Complaints Number

You can also file your complaint by calling on the Sky TV customer care number for complaints, that is, 0844 385 1222. Your call will be transferred to an expert technician from Sky. You can register your issue and the technician will guide you further about the issue.


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