How To Book A Sky Home Move Contract?

Now moving home with your Sky services is not an anxious job anymore. To make your relocation smoother you have to book Sky Home move. In order to book a Sky Home move, you have to intimate the Sky customer representative two weeks before your relocation. However you can also book Sky Home move 90 days advance to your relocation. If you want a Sky engineer to assist you while moving home, there will be a one time charge for that. Once the Sky engineer has set up the services at your new home, your services will be activated at that point of time. To know more about Sky Home move, contact the customer services executive on Sky phone number.

While you are busy shifting your flat, leave the management of the Sky+ HD box on Sky Home Move. You need to inform Sky, at least two weeks in prior to making your shift. However, the maximum limit to book your move is 90 days. The sky moving home cost will depend on choice of the service you ask for –

Whether it is standard installation or non standard.

  • Standard installation will include installing the dish and sky boxes along with a proper cabling around the house. In the end, the boxes will be connected to the standard BT phone phone socket. Standard installation may cost around 25$.
  • Non standard installation will require Sky engineers to follow the installation procedure. So, you can be charged a bit more.

Your Sky TV will start as soon as you reach your new place. Although the setup can be done easily, yet if you are finding any issue, then Sky will arrange an engineer for you. The maximum time that it will take is 5 days from the day of your move.

*Along with tracking your home move, you can even track the day of your engineer’s visit.

Before the sky home move

Before moving to a new home, you should check for all the devices attached to your sky tv. You need to take the Sky box, viewing card, sky remote control, wireless connector, internet cables, and broadband router with you to the new home. Do not bother about taking the satellite dish and the cables attached to it.

Permission from the owner or the block committee of your home is necessary. If you want the sky tv to be installed in your new home, please arrange for the permit before the installation of the sky TV else, you may be forced to remove the Sky TV.

So, this is all about moving Sky TV to a new home. For moving the Sky Broadband and Sky Talk to your new venue read our Sky FAQ articles or you may also contact sky here.

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