Is Sky Broadband Slow In Your Area? Have You Checked These 8 Factors?

Why is sky broadband so slow in my area?

Why is my sky broadband so slow all of a sudden?

Why is my sky broadband so slow at night?

My Sky Broadband Utter Crap?


Sky broadband is the biggest broadband provider in UK considering the area it covers , some put the number at more than 70% and thus most of the internet users are likely to have their connection but their connection also suffers a bad rep for constantly dropping. If you are experiencing such slow connection then the following reasons may be responsible.

There can be many factors that may put your broadband to really slow levels.These reasons can range from weird to confusing but below is a sample list of some of these external factors

1. Loose wires

Many times growth of a tree around your broadband wires outside your home and even birds sitting on the line going to the telegraph pole can slow down your sky broadband connection to very slow.

Contact Sky engineer to get it fixed.

2. No Connection between machine and the router

If your broadband keeps getting slower then you should check out Sky router’s internal web page and if it does not happen then it means the connection between the machine & the router has been broken. Depending on the exact reason.

Let just say if the reason is external and the problem is with the router then contact Sky to rectify the problem. If the problem is internal then ask for a new router to be delivered.

3. Wireless Technology

Even after all the technological advancement and latest inventions Wireless technology still remains largely unstable compared to the traditional model of providing internet.

You need to make sure it is not just the case of the wireless link falling consecutively. You can do that by typing http://192.168.X.XXX in your web browser. If going into the router’s internal html pages and it still does not load then the connection has dropped between your Laptop/PC.

If the problem is with your router, then you can change it and if the problem is external contact Sky.

You can try connecting to a wired connection if that is not a problem.

4. Choose correct Wireless Channel

On many occasions the wireless channel also proves to be a bigger problem as the distance between the green cabinet on the streets and your home decides the speed. So, if you chose the wireless channel that is at a distance from you that may also be causing a problem and thus you should refresh the list again & choose the correct one.

You can also connect to a Wifi Analyser app from android store and see which channel your neighbours are logged on to. So, you can make the choice which is the best channel to log on to.


5. Distance from Street Cabinet

The street cabinet available on most of the streets is the green coloured cabinet that supplies broadband connectivity to your connection and hence bigger the distance between your home & your street cabinet bigger the chances of loss of speed to your internet.

Seen below is a chart telling you an approximate effect the distance from your street cabinet may have on your broadband speed.

You can also do a speed test to confirm your connection speed using speed testing tools given here. FireShot-Screen-Capture-013-thinkbroadband-__-Fibre-Broadband-FTTC-_-FTTH-Guide-www_thinkbroadband_com_guide_fibre-broadband_html Fibre_Broadband_Diagram

6. Non-Essential Programs on PC

It is a common in many cases. Many time we forget about some of the non-essential programs running on your computer that may be eating away your bandwidth. It would be wise to see what programs you really need and what the system may be updating on default & which may do more harm than good for you in the long run.

You can uninstall or stop these unwanted programs by going to Control Panel.


7. IP Address Keeps Changing

If the IP address keeps changing it does not necessarily means that the system is broken down and your system is faulty. On many occasions chances are that Sky’s DLM (Dynamic Line Management) system is in effect and is either trying to improve your connection or stabilising it due to some anomalies.

The next step would be to log in to router here using username here

Username: admin

Password: sky

Then click on ‘Further Diagnostic help’ and on to the next page. Here, click on Statistics.

Check the line in these Statistics related to WAN and if the uptime recommends a resync around 2-3 am, it is confirmed that DLM is at work.

If DLM is constantly causing problems and is causing disruptions in your programs then you can call Sky customer care to discuss the topic. It is a short term solution though.

8. Sky Router Settings

If the settings are not set properly then computer IP may constantly change every time the connection drops and thus it would be advisable to make sure they are in correct order.

Go to System Preferences. Then click on Network and check your IP Address under the Wireless or Ethernet connection.

Type in Ip address which should be similar to- 192.168.X.XXX

If you are using a Windows system go to Run. Then type ‘CMD.exe’ and when the Command prompts up type ‘ipconfig’. You will be trying to find a similar number of digits known as your IP.

If the IP Address keeps on changing constantly it does not that the internet is damaged, it means that the router is loosing connection with your PC. Try to connect a device through the router and if you can see that device then it is the router that is having problems.


In the end if you are still not able to track the problem and solve the speed issue you may to go some sites which if Sky broadband is down today or not. It also shows the number of complaints made.


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