How To Fix Sky Box Not Turning “ON” Problem?


Follow the troubleshooting steps below if your Sky box is not turning “ON”:

STEP 1: Reset your Sky Box

First thing you should do is reboot your Sky box. To do this first you need to turn “off” your Sky box and unplug it from the mains. Power “off” other devices as well that were connected to your Sky box. Ensure that the power light on all the devices are “off”. After that switch “on” your all device drivers and wait for about three minutes. After 3 minutes, you need to press the “Sky” button on your Sky remote  and you will see a green light illuminated on your Sky box. This will indicate that your Sky box has been rebooted.


STEP 2: Software Update

Install the latest and upgraded software on your Sky box. To commence the software update process, first you have to unplug your box and press the “Backup” button situated on the front panel of your Sky box. Now you have to replug your box to the mains while continuing to press the “Backup” button. Continue pressing the button until you see the four lights on your Sky box are illuminated. Wait for at least ten minutes to get the software drivers updated. Once the process is finished, you will be able to use the Sky box perfectly.


STEP 3: Sky Remote

Ensure that your Sky remote is working fine. The Sky box becomes unresponsive if you the batteries are dead on your Sky Tv remote. Try to insert new batteries on your Sky remote and after that press the “Sky” button on your remote to operate your Sky box.


Still your Sky box not turning “ON”? Call the technical expert on Sky customer services phone number: 0844 385 1222.

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