How To Setup Sky Broadband Network With Sky Q Hub Router?


There are two ways to set up Sky Broadband with your Sky Q Hub router:

  • Setting up your broadband with Sky Q hub through Ethernet cable.
  • Setting up your broadband with Sky Q hub wirelessly.

Setting up via Ethernet cable:

If you are setting your Sky broadband network with Sky Q hub via Ethernet cable, then it is always recommendable to use Gigabit (Gig E or Cat6) Ethernet cable. These cables will directly connect your computer system with Sky Q hub. To set up using Ethernet cables, follow the steps mentioned below:



First you have to find the Ethernet port on your computer system. It is generally located at the back of your computer. Once you find the port, insert one end of the cable into it. Make sure it makes a click sound, indicating that it has been inserted completely.



Now use the other end of the cable and insert that into one of the yellow ports located at the back of your Sky Q hub. While inserting the cable, you will hear a click sound. This is an indication that your cable has been inserted fully into the port.



A green light will be illuminated on your Sky Q hub. This is an indication that you have successfully connected your Sky Q hub with the broadband connection.


Setting up wirelessly:

In this case, you will not have to use any cables or wires. For this you need to connect your device to the Sky wireless broadband connection. On your device wireless network settings list, check the name of your network. In order to connect to that network you will need a Sky network user name and the password. You can check your Sky connection username and password written at the back of your Sky Q hub.

Facing issues while setting up Sky Broadband with Sky Q hub? No problem. Now you can take help from Sky customer services department. Call on Sky phone number: 0844 385 1222 to take assistance from an expert.

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