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How To Reset My Sky HD Box?


If your Tv screen is frozen while watching your favourite programme or your Sky HD box is not operational. Then try resetting your Sky HD box, by following the steps mentioned below:


First and foremost thing you have to do is turn off your Sky HD box. To do this, you have to click on the “power” button located on the top of your box. Once you have turned off your Sky HD box, then disconnect all the cables from your Sky HD box from the mains. Make sure, the main switch is “off” while disconnecting the cables from main supply.



In the second step, you need to switch “off” all other devices that were previously connected to your Sky HD box. These devices mostly include your Sky Tv. Turn off your device both from your Sky remote as well as the power button located on your Sky Tv. Once your tv is turned “off”, unplug it from the mains by disconnecting all the Tv cables from main supply. Make sure that all other devices which were connected to Sky HD box, were also disconnected in the same manner.



Ensure whether the power light in your Sky HD box as well as other connected devices are “Off”. If you find any light “on”, that means your devices are not turned “off” or disconnected properly.


In this step, you have to plug all the devices to the mains and turn them “on” by clicking on the power button on both your Sky Tv as well as Sky HD box.



Once you turn on your Sky devices, you will see that a “red” power light is illuminated on your Sky HD box. If you are unable to see the “red” light make sure that your Sky HD box is on from mains as well as from the power button located on the top of the box.


Now, after three minutes of waiting time, you have to press the “Sky” button located on your Sky remote. You will see a green light that will be illuminated on the front panel of your Sky TV Hd box.

If you are facing difficulty while  Sky HD box reset, then you need to get in touch with Sky technical team. To get in touch with the technical department, call on Sky customer services contact number: 0844 385 1222.

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