RBS Customer Service Contact Number

RBS Customer Service

0800 073 2257

Emergency numbers UK Abroad
Lost & stolen cards 0370 600 0459 +44 1268 500 813
Fraud & identity theft 0800 161 5164 +44 126 850 8019
Cards blocked abroad  0800 073 2257 +44 126 850 8020
Minicom customers 0800 404 6160

What is RBS?

The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, commonly abbreviated as RBS, is one of the retail banking enterprise of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc. RBS together with NatWest and Ulster Bank, provides banking facilities throughout UK and Ireland making it much determined and reliable. The Royal Bank of Scotland has around 700 branches, mainly located in Scotland.  Though RBS has branches in many larger towns and cities throughout England and Wales but Scotland has its headquarters.

RBS Customer Service Contact Number

0800 073 2257


RBS is known for its retail Banking business which continues to offer products and services that ensure banking is convenient and easy. The RBS business is building up capabilities to deliver transactional convenience to its customers through a much convenient Internet Banking platform. RBS thus by adopting innovative and technology intensive features such as Online Wealth, Mobile Banking and E-Commerce ensures its customers are at ease. The Bank of Scotland was effective in raising funds for the Jacobite Rebellion which as a result has made The Royal Bank of Scotland much established to provide a bank strong ties and bonds .RBS has its products online which can be accessed easily anywhere in the world.  All you need is an internet connection. Though the cards online service is free of charges. Cards are also easy to manage, administrator which are its customers can change security details, email addresses etc. To get in touch with RBS for cards contact RBS customer service by dialing RBS phone number 0800 073 2257 .

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RBS Advancements

Currently, as a sole operation RBS is in process of adopting new series of banknotes which are made from polymer material. The bank has also provided services to many businesses and individuals from years ago. Customers who would want to open their account with RBS can call on RBS customer service phone number 0800 073 2257. If in case you are an existing customer and want to get in touch with RBS customer service, you can call on the RBS contact number mentioned above. RBS contact number 0800 073 2257 is one of the best and convenient ways to get solutions to your banking queries and ordeals.

RBS Bank: Customer Service Phone Number

0800 073 2257

rbs customer service

Royal Bank of Scotland Customer Service Address

For any assistance regarding RBS and its services just send RBS a postal letter in writing on the RBS customer care address. Customers can even make a call on the contact numbers provided here under:

i) 36 N St Andrew St,

Edinburgh EH2 2AD,

United Kingdom

RBS Hotline Number 0800 073 2257

ii) 142-144 Princes St,

Edinburgh EH2 4EQ,

United Kingdom

RBS Hotline Number 0800 073 2257

RBS Online Enquiry Contact Numbers

The RBS Group is a renowned and much acknowledged as a large international banking group with its financial services outlying many others. With its headquarters in Edinburgh, the RBS group serves over 30 million customers in United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia and many other nations too. RBS thus operates around the globe to provide banking services for individuals, businesses and institutions as a life saver. To get in touch with RBS customer service, contact RBS customer service on 0800 073 2257 . These helpline numbers are available from Monday to Friday deom 8am-6pm and Sat 9am-1pm (excluding public holidays). RBS have been working hard to make RBS one of the world’s most admired, valuable and stable universal banks. These calls may be recorded for improving their customer services.

To caution its customers that fraudulent emails and links are in circulation which deceive customers RBS has maintained a much valued customer assistance cell.  Frauds asking details as their modus operandi is to ask for sensitive account information, for instance account number, credit card number, passwords, PIN, etc is something that RBS wipes out completely. Frauds frequently use names, letterheads, office stationery, etc, which appear to be much similar to that of legitimate companies. There is a term coined by hackers, “phishing” which describes this practice but RBS ensures that the customers do not seek any such information from their clients via emails hence their customer services urge them not to indulge in any such calls.

Customer cooperation for serving better and to avail the best for the consumers is what RBS caters to. RBS group provides a comprehensive range of financial services to retail, corporate, and financial institutions and also seeks cooperation for serving better on and off markets and International Banking worldwide.

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