How To Fix No Satellite Signal Being Received On Sky Tv Box?

If there is no satellite signal on your Sky Tv box (error code 25/29 no satellite signal), follow the steps mentioned below to fix your sky box problems:


Reset your Sky box: You have to reset your Sky box by unplugging it from the mains supply and wait for 30 seconds. After that replug the box to the mains. Now check whether the “no satellite signal is being verified” has cleared.


Firstly, Test your Sky box: If still there is no satellite signal, unplug the Sky box from the mains and disconnect all the cables from the rear panel. Then try connecting the box to the alternative dish such as neighbour’s Sky dish. If the box works on the alternative dish, you have a minidish, LNB or coaxial cable fault.


Swap LNB Cables: Unplug all the mains cable from the Sky box. Unscrew the LNB cable connectors on the rear panel of your Sky + or Sky HD box. Then swap them over to see if one LNB output or cable feeder has gone faulty. If this procedure restores the picture, then check the “F-connector” on the “no signal cable” at both ends for any short circuits caused by the co-axial  cables touching  cable’s centre copper core. Re terminate the cable if necessary.


Try an “Unused LNB” Output” Troubleshoot by swapping the cable feeder “with no signal” onto an unused LNB output. If the LNB is defective, replace it.


Check the “Dish Alignment”: The dish can be misaligned by high winds and bad weather. Check for any damage to the dish reflector or if there is any movement in the dish.


Check the condition of Dish: Check for any corrosion or rust on the dish reflector, replace the dish if it is damaged or rusty.Ensure that all the bolts of the dish are tight.


Check the LNB: Check for any LNB default as the LNB is exposed to extreme hot and cold conditions. You can also troubleshoot the faults by using a hairdryer on the wet surfaces.

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Check “F-Connectors “: Check whether all the screws on the “F-connectors” are tight and waterproof. If the water has entered in the dish, then you have to replace the coaxial cable feeder, connectors and LNB.

Check “Coaxial Cable Feeders”: Check for any damages on the coaxial cable feeder on the Sky box.This is a common cause of signal problems which shows as picture pixelation or the picture breaking up altogether.

For sky box signal related queries, Contact Sky customer services uk to get in touch with the customer representative. Sky contact phone number to reach sky support is given here.

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