Sky Snapshots: View Your Photos On TV With Sky + App?

Hotshot your vacation snaps on the extra large screen with the new Sky+ app. With no wires, SD cards or memory sticks needs, all it takes is a couple taps on your cell phone to breathe new life into your photographs on a HD TV screen. The newly designed Sky+ application additionally lives up to expectations with Sky+ HD boxes. This latest software enhances the service ahead of a portal to TV empowering you to make your TV smart by utilizing the application.

Sky Snapshots brings your photos to life on your TV

Learn How to view your photos on your tv with the new updated sky+ app

By using Sky+ app all you can do is just sit back and relax as your friends and family members watch your photos on your HD TV. All you need here is to be on the same WiFi as your Sky+ HD and then you will notice a camera icon appears in the navigation bar of your app. Right after clicking it all your photos will be displayed on the big screen of your HD TV. The launch of this app comes along with other changes as well that brings your Sky+ app in sync the updated Sky + homepage. This is specially designed to provide you with the following services:
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  • All the latest shows that you may like to watch
  • Shortcuts for sports, here you will find all the sports channel as well as all the scheduled live events.
  • You can also record your favorite series using the Smart Series Link, so now you will not miss out any of your favorite shows.
Sky is also working on RNIB to optimize the Sky+ app for the inbuilt voice over technology on iOS and other android device.

Simple Steps To Use New Updated Sky+ App Photo Viewer

  • Please connect your device by using the Sky+ app to the same WiFi as your Sky+ HD box.
  • You will see a camera icon on the navigation bar of the Sky+ app.
  • Click the icon and then the app will link you to your photo album.
  • A Sky+ might want to get to your photographs notice will appear click ok
  • Your photograph collection will be indicated and you can choose the photo(s) you need to display on the TV
  • When your photos are on the TV you can use the application to turn the pictures, or play a slideshow.

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