How To Use The Kids Tile On Your Sky+ Hd Box?

TV is often considered as the best line of defence when your little ones are having temper and mood issues. With the new service of Sky you can now find the exact show or movie to put a smile back on the faces of your children by just connecting to your Sky+ HD box to your broadband network. You can easily access the on-demand shows and movies in addition to that Sky are intensifying its library of on-demand episodes from 700-4000 this month. It also includes programmes like new morsels of Spongebob Squarepants, Ben 10 and Dora the explorer. Please follow these simple steps to use the kids tile on your Sky+ HD:
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Step 1:

Check whether your Sky+ HD box is compatible. Please note: you will find your Sky Sports coverage from 401 channels onwards by using Sports tab in the TV guide or you can use the Catch-up service on your television.

Step 2:

Go to TV & Movie tab. This tab displays the kids On-demand shows and movies. By using the Right/left arrow keys you can see whats all is available on the tiles and you view them by pressing the select button.

Step 3:

In the section On Now tab you will see the list for all the Kids TV channel. The channel listing will be dependent on your Sky TV subscription.

Step 4:

You can find the recording of your kids TV programmes or movies and downloads in the kids planner tab, if you have recorded any movie or programme.

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