How to Activate Sky SIM Card?

If you have just purchased your new Sky SIM card and want to activate it, then the first thing you have to note if you want to use the new SIM in a device purchased from Sky or purchased from another provider. Depending on from whom you have purchased your device, you can follow the simple procedure given below to activate your new Sky SIM.

If You Have Purchased Your Phone / Tablet from Sky

The process to activate your new Sky SIM card can be followed using two different methods. You can either choose to activate the SIM card using Online Services at or By contacting Sky Customer Service.

Activate Sky SIM Online

In order to activate your new Sky SIM card online, all you need are a few things beforehand which are mentioned below. The process takes only a few minutes.
  • Your Primary Sky iD
  • Sky SIM Activation Code written on SIM pack.
  • PAC or STAC if you are switching from a different provider. However, you can also provide it to Sky later.

Visit Sky Online Portal and sign into your Sky Online Account.

To activate new Sky SIM card, first of all, visit and sign in using your Sky Login User ID and Password.

Go to Active Your SIM Section and Click on Continue

After logging into your Sky Online Account, visit “Activate Your SIM” section and click on “Continue” button given below on the page.

Enter Activation Code

Now, you’ll need to the SIM card activation code as mentioned on the card pack. Once done, you’ll have to wait for the service activation message from Sky. Note: If you want to activate more than one SIM card at the same time, then you have to choose the plan respective to each of the SIM card. More to that, if you are switching from different SIM service provider than you would need to provide PAC / STAC. The PAC  / STAC should be submitted to Sky before 5 PM during Monday to Friday except on Bank Holidays. In this case switching of the Network provider will be completed by 5 PM of the next working days. You can also submit your PAC / STAC on Saturdays or Sunday after 5 PM. In this case, switching process of the network provider will take 2 working days.

Activate Sky SIM through Sky Call Centre / Sky Retail Stand

The process to activate your Sky SIM varies depending upon what payment method you want to set up for it.

If You Chose Monthly Direct Debit as Payment Method

For this method, you must have a working Sky ID linked to your account.
  • If you don’t already have a Sky ID, then click here to register yourself on and provide personal details such as Name, Email along with your 12-digits Sky account number.
  •  Once done, then click here to go to the Sky Id Setup page and link your Sky Id.
After setting up your Sky ID and linking your SIM with it, follow the steps mentioned in the Online Activation Method. If you need any help with your Sky registration and linking to your account, then call Sky Customer Care at 0844 385 1222. Note: You need to make sure that the Email address you provide during registration, is not a email.

If you Choose Other Payment Method

If you have chosen a payment method other than Monthly Direct Debit, then you will receive an email regarding thank you note for ordering sky product. It will be subjected as “Thank you for ordering Sky Mobile”. In this email, you’ll see a link where you can link your Sky SIM with your Sky Account. After linking your SIM card with Sky online account, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the Online Activation Method.

If You Have Purchased Your Phone / Tablet from Any Other Provider

To activate your new Sky SIM and use it in your phone that you have bought from another provider, you will have to make sure that your phone is unlocked. To unlock your phone from another provider, you’ll need to contact your provider but must have the following details with you.
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Make and Phone Model Number (e.g. iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S9)
  • IMEI Number (You can look for IMEI number on your phone by dialling *#06#)
It is important to know that unlocking a phone is a time consuming process and can take up to 20 days or even longer to get the solution. Apart from it, not all phone providers offer free unlocking for their phone. So, you may have to pay a certain fee in order to get the phone unlocked. After unlocking the phone, insert the activated SIM. If you have inserted the activated SIM into the phone before unlocking the phone, then you’ll have to restart the phone after unlocking it.

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