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How To Troubleshoot Sky Broadband Low Speed?


Follow the troubleshooting methods mentioned below:


First thing you have to check is verify whether the micro filter is plugged properly into the phone socket or not.



Unplug the Sky Hub from the micro filter and then plug it back again. Examine whether the Sky Hub is attached properly with the micro filter.



Check whether the micro filter is connected properly to your phone line. Also inspect if the microfilter is connected to other devices properly.



First thing you have to do is plug the microfilter into the phone socket. Confirm if any other equipment is also plugged into the phone socket other than the microfilter.



Reboot your Sky router by pressing the “reset” button located on the backside of Sky Hub/router. Wait for few minutes and if the problem still persist, follow the steps mentioned below:


Sky Hub Device lights

  • If the power is “ON” and the light on internet button is “amber”, then you have to reset Sky Hub factory settings:
  • Press and hold down the router’s reset button for at least 10 seconds until the power light on the router flashes “ON” and “OFF” four times and then remains to “ON”. This may take a couple of minutes for the router to reset.


  • Now open your internet browser and check for the internet connectivity.


  • If the power as well as internet lights are “ON” but there is still no internet connectivity, then follow the below steps:
  • Check whether the Wifi settings are turned “ON”. Enter the correct password if it is “ON”.
  • If your network name and password is changed, then you have to type in the web address field of your browser.
  • Once the page opens up, you have to enter the username as “admin” and password as “sky”. Once you have entered the login details, select a particular wireless settings depending on your router type.

  • After that open any website to check your internet connection.


If your Sky broadband slow speed problem still persists, then it’s better to give a call to the Sky customer services team. The phone number to contact Sky customer services department is 0844 385 1222.


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