Fix Problems That Cause Images, Sound Or Video To Not Show

If you are not able to see any videos, then do try these solutions to fix the problem.

If you have Videos problems:

You need to install a plug-in that is compatible with your web browser which allows you to view the videos and play audio files. If there is a black or grey box where the video or audio player should be, then you might not have the access to play them. The Website will usually prompt you to download the plug-in you need so that you can play the video or audio.

If you have problem with images:

If you are not able to see the images on some websites, it is possible that the images have been deleted from the site, but if you still cannot see the images on any other website then change your browser settings as mentioned below: Internet Explorer:
  • Click on tools and then select Internet Options.
  • Then, select Advanced.
  • Find multimedia in the Setting box and check whether Show pictures are ticked or not.
  • Lastly, Click OK and then refresh your browser.
Mozilla Firefox:
  • Click on Tools menu and then click
  • Now, select the Content
  • Select the box next to Load Images Automatically.
  • Click on Ok and lastly refresh your browser.
Google chrome:
  • Select the Options icon at the top right-hand corner of your browser
  • Then Click Settings>> Advanced Settings
  • In this window, you will find a drop-down menu. Click The beginning of time. Then verify the
  • four top boxes whether they are checked by default and then hit Clear browsing data.
  • Open the Settings menu>>Preferences>>Appearance
  • Check the box “Display images when the page opens” is checked.
  • Close the dialogue box by clicking on the ‘X’ button and refresh your browser.

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