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How to Connect Sky Box to Router?

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Sky Hub: How to Connect sky box to a router?

Start unpacking your Sky Hub box. Sample picture below.


After following all the instructions for set up the Sky Hub it is time to follow the guidelines written below which is different for different Operating Systems

For Windows 7:

Near the Taskbar clock, just click on the wireless icon to check which wireless network is currently available.

Choose Your Wireless Network:

  • Check the wireless network details appearing in the networks list. If your particular network’s name comes up in the list on the back side of the Sky Hub. The list will appear on “Connect Card” or “Keep me Handy card”
  • Just click on the Refresh button, in case you are having trouble finding your network’s name on the list. Click on your Network’s name and click on “Connect” option.
  • Enter the correct wireless password or select WPS (Wireless protected setup).

Enter the Correct Wireless Password:      

Search for the Wireless Password (known as network key on some occasions) on the underside or backside of the Sky Hub. You will find it on “Keep me Handy card” or “Connect Card” being provided along the Sky Hub package.


Contact Sky for expert advice from Official Sky Customer Care Executive


Simply file a complaint to Sky


If it still prompts you for a pin, then instead of the password enter this instead of the password.


Steps of Installation:  

  • Notice the standby button on your Sky remote and then switch off your Sky box on the mains. On the front of your Sky box you must check the power light is turned off before proceeding further.


  • Find the Ethernet cable and power adapter that came with your Sky hub.


  • The Ethernet cable should go into the green port at the back of the Sky hub and put the other end into the green port of the back of the Sky+ HD box.


  • One end of the power adapter supplied with the package has been to be put in the blue socket behind the Sky Hub and the other end into the available mains socket.


  • The next step would be to turn on the mains socket and then press the power button on the back of the Sky hub. The lights for the power and Ethernet cable should turn on.


  • The final step would be to turn on Sky+ HD box on at the mains and then wait for a good two minutes at the very least. Then switch on the Standby mode by pressing the Sky button on your remote.



  • Once your Sky+HD box is on you will see on your screen a message informing you that your Sky box is not connected to the broadband router and thus to connect your Sky box to the router. Press Select to continue.


  • Once you have followed Step 1 above then after you will see a message appear on your screen “Searching for Local network. . .”. It is important that you do not touch any button as the connection is made and this will require a working broadband working connection on your end.

P.S: During this do make sure that your router’s power, wireless and internet lights are on.


  • A list of networks will show up on the screen from where you can select your wireless network and press Select.

P.S: In any case if you get confused by this then you just have to look at the back of your Sky hub box, just next to the password.


  • For you to connect to the internet you will need a password and the remote control to enter the password.

 P.S: Passwords are case sensitive. You can scroll through Upper case letters, lower                                                              

 case letters & numbers by repeatedly pressing the alphabets from 1-9 and enter Special characters by repeatedly pressing the button number 0.


  The password you enter will appear on screen while you enter it.

In case you enter any incorrect character, you can use the left arrow on the remote. Press select to move ahead only after the password you entered is correct.

  • Once you press Select and the password is correct then you will see the message seen below on your screen.


  • Next, a confirmation message will show on screen informing that you have connected your Sky+HD box to your router. To turn on “On Demand” press the red button.


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