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How To Check Sky Fibre Broadband Availability?

3 Top Sky Fibre Broadband Checkers

Can I get Sky Fibre broadband in my? Is this your question, don’t worry we have got you covered, find various resources mentioned below where you can check if sky fibre is available in your area or not.


Sky fibre optic broadband is a relatively new development in the company’s profile or broadband services in general and thus the total area covered under Sky Fibre Optic Broadband is quite limited. Is your area covered under this? Let’s see.

Some of the web portals where you can check sky broadband availability are:

Broadband Genie

If you’re new to Sky – type your postcode into the box below and click ‘Go’. We’ll then show you the best deals and offers available in your area.

Check availability

My postcode is…

W1J 7NS Go

Your information is safe . We won’t share your postcode with anyone. See our privacy policy.

Since Sky Fibre broadband is only available to more than 60% of the areas the following message may come up.

Sorry, you can’t get Sky fibre broadband 🙁

Frustrating we know but Sky fibre broadband isn’t available in your area. Here are some alternative deals that are available to you.

If the above seen message is applicable for you then these web portals will tell of the alternate broadband operators in your area and their plans in details for you to make an informed choice.

Sky Fibre Contact Number

Broadband Postcode Checker – UK Broadband Checker

BT broadband is available to 99% of the UK. Most providers also use the national telephone network to offer broadband. So, if you can get BT broadband where you live, there’s also a good chance you can get broadband from the likes of…

  • Sky
  • TalkTalk
  • Plusnet
  • EE
  • Primus
  • Post Office

…and many more.

The biggest exception to the rule is Virgin Media , which uses its own cable network to provide broadband and TV. However, its network isn’t as big as the national network – it covers around 50% of homes. You’re more likely to be able to get Virgin Media broadband and TV if you live in a town or city, as the network covers most heavily-populated areas.

Fibre availability checker shows you if you can get fibre broadband to your home or property. In most cases, it will return your result on your phone number, if that’s not possible, you can use your postcode and address. Once fibre is available, the next step is to contact your chosen service provider to order your fibre broadband.

However, Superfast fibre broadband will now reach 95% of the UK by 2017, which means around 1.4 million homes more than originally planned but two years behind schedule.Read more here.

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