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How To Fix No Sound On Sky+ Box Problem?

If there is no sound on my Sky+ box, this sky box sound problem could be due to the following reasons: If the TV is muted or the Internal Speaker Switched Off: Sometimes the switch of the internal speaker has been turned off accidentally. In some tv’s the switch of the internal speaker is located at the rear panel of the tv. Make sure it is turned on. Also check whether the “mute” button is not activated. Loose HDMI cables:

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How To Reboot My Sky+ Box?

We found that some of the most commonly asked queries by sky customers online are – Sky box stuck on standby  Sky HD box full system reset  How to Hard reset Sky+HD box  How to Fix System Reset Sky+ HD Box  How to do SKY + box reset? How to perform a full system reset on your Sky HD box? Steps to reboot your Sky+Box STEP 1: First thing you have to do is to turn off your Sky+box. Firstly

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How To Troubleshoot Sky Broadband Low Speed?

Follow the troubleshooting methods mentioned below: METHOD 1: First thing you have to check is verify whether the micro filter is plugged properly into the phone socket or not. METHOD 2: Unplug the Sky Hub from the micro filter and then plug it back again. Examine whether the Sky Hub is attached properly with the micro filter. METHOD 3: Check whether the micro filter is connected properly to your phone line. Also inspect if the microfilter is connected to other

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How To Connect Tvlink To Sky Box?

To connect tvlink to the Sky box, follow the steps mentioned below and connect/install sky magic eye tv link on your sky hd box: Step 1. Firstly, you have to switch off your “Sky box” with the remote and then unplug it from the mains. You have to do the same with all the devices connected to the Sky box. Step 2. If there is an “i/O” port at the back of the Sky box, then plug your “iO-Link’s” cable

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How to Connect Sky Box to Router?

Some Questions people usually ask: Is Sky hub compatible with my box? Unable to set up my Sky Hub to work with my BT infinity router I have recently got the new Sky Hub. All seemed well until I tried to connect it with my secure server. Message saying “Service Fail” is being on my Sky Hub. How to connect Sky Hub to my Sky HD box wirelessly? Can I connect my Sky HD box wirelessly? Just bought a wireless

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How To Clear All Deleted Items On Sky Tv?

It is now easy to clear deleted items on Sky Tv. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below: STEP 1: Use your Sky Tv remote to clear all the deleted items/recordings. On your Sky Tv remote, you will see the “TV Guide” button, just press that button. STEP 2: Now navigate to your Sky Planner by using the “right” arrow buttons on your Sky remote. Your Sky Planner contains all the programmes and channels. If you are downloading any programme

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How To Check Sky Fibre Broadband Availability?

3 Top Sky Fibre Broadband Checkers Can I get Sky Fibre broadband in my? Is this your question, don’t worry we have got you covered, find various resources mentioned below where you can check if sky fibre is available in your area or not. Sky fibre optic broadband is a relatively new development in the company’s profile or broadband services in general and thus the total area covered under Sky Fibre Optic Broadband is quite limited. Is your area covered

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