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How to Cancel Virgin Media Contract & Services?

If you are deciding to cancel virgin media contract and services, then you must know that Virgin Media allows you to cancel the contract only after a minimum contract period which ranges from 1 month to as long as 24 months depending upon whether you have opted for a fixed term plan or monthly rolling subscription. For a fixed period contract, the minimum subscription period for the Virgin Media contract varies between 9 months, 12 months, 18 months and 18 months, based on the Virgin Media service packages and offers that you have availed.


Regardless whether you have subscribed for a fixed period plan or a monthly rolling subscription, you must file a request for service cancellation before 30 days in advance, generally known as Cooling Off Period. Although, cancelling your existing Virgin Media services and contract before the ending date of the contract may attract charges around 80% to 82% of your monthly subscription fee, generally known as Early Disconnection Fee (EDF). This amount can go as high as equal to 100% of your monthly charges for the service. This Early Disconnection Fee is also levied to the customer if you decide to remove any add-on service or pack from your existing Virgin Media subscription. The maximum charges you might end up paying for cancellation of your existing Virgin Media contract is limited to £240.


However, if you are moving to a new place where Virgin Media Services are available, then it is suggested to request for moving your connection rather than cancelling the contract and end up paying cancellation charges. You’ll need to pay some charges in case of transferring the connection to a new place. Although, if you are sure you need to cancel Virgin Media contract then check a few things before making a request for cancellation as mentioned below.


Cancel Virgin Media Contract without Paying EDF


You can end your Virgin Media contract without paying EDF only in certain conditions which include starting your Cooling Off period for the services.


Apart from the cooling off period, you can also request to terminate your Virgin Media services if Virgin Media fails to provide you with the experience they offered at the time of sign up such as if you are experiencing slow connection speed or frequent disconnection and they fail to correct the issue. Similarly, you can also end the contract if Virgin Media increases the price of your subscription as they agreed upon with you at the time of signup.


You don’t need to pay any early cancellation charges if you are ending the contract due to poor experiences with Virgin Media services or due to moving to a place where Virgin Media doesn’t offer their services.


Step 1: Check the End Date of Virgin Media Contract

Check if your Virgin Media subscription is still in the contract period or have ended already. You can check the current status of your contract either by logging into your online Virgin Media Account.


Alternatively, you can also look for the contract startup email that you might have received on your registered email at the time of starting your subscription and based on that you can calculate your contract period. It will help you decide when you make a request for cancelling your subscription and start cooling off period. You can also ask for the same by contacting Virgin Media Customer Service Number by phone by dialing 150 or 0345-454-1111 or through Email. Although, it is advised to not contact Virgin Media customer support until you have decided to end the subscription.


Step 2:  Contact Virgin Media Customer Service and Initiate Your Cooling Period

After checking the ending date of your Virgin Media Contract and finalizing your decision, contact Virgin Media Customer Service and request to initiate the 30 days long cooling off period.

If you discontinue the service due to bitter experience from Virgin Media, then just simply state the reason in your request to customer support. Whereas if you are discontinuing the service due to price hike, then you would have to wait for at least 30 days from the date of receiving the letter from Virgin Media before making a request to customer care.


Step 3: Check the Counter Offer

Upon requesting to discontinue the service, you would receive a counter call from Virgin Media retention team members who will try to give you a counter offer that might be better than your existing plan especially in case you are leaving due to price hike in packages and try to keep you hooked up with Virgin Media Contract. You can even state the plan from another provider with better price and deal, and ask if they can match the offer.


If you didn’t like the counter offer and still want to discontinue then just make your choice clear with the retention team expert. You have to be very clear with your statement since the Virgin Media retention expert will keep trying to push you to continue with the service.


If you are ending your contract due to poor experience or moving your house, then clearly state the reason which can help you cut through a lot of unnecessary discussion with the Virgin Media retention expert.


Step 4: Clear the Dues in Your Virgin Media Account or Receive the Refund.

If any Early Connection Fee is applicable to you, then clear the due amount and notify the expert at Virgin Media Customer Service Number.


If you had paid for your subscription in advance, then you would be eligible to receive the refund for the unused period of the services. The cheque for refund will be sent to you after 35 days from the date of closing your Virgin Media Account.


If you have been paying for Virgin Media subscription using direct debit then you would have to deactivate your direct debit first. If you are ending the contract through a 30 days cooling period, then you would have to wait for the final bill to be generated.


Step 5: Return the Router / Set-Top Box

On ending the contract with Virgin Media, they will send an expert at your house to collect the broadband router or TV set-top box depending upon what services you were availing from them. You might be charged if you don’t return the devices.


Step 6: Clear Your Virgin Media Email

After ending your subscription contract with Virgin Media, you’ll have 90 days remaining for your free Virgin Media Email Services. So, you will have 90 days to extract your emails, contact and any other files from Virgin Media Email.


Things to To Do Before You Cancel Virgin Media Contract


If you have decided to cancel your existing Virgin Media Contract, then you must check a few things before requesting to cancel your contract which includes the following:


  • Check the end date of your Virgin Media package.
  • Decide if you want to discontinue the entire package or the part of service, in case if you have availed more than one service from Virgin Media, that is a bundle package.
  • Decide when you want to start your 30 days long cooling period, based on the current status of your contract period.
  • Check if you would be levied Early Disconnection Fee (EDF) at the time of cancelling the subscription if you no longer want to continue with the service. If yes, then make an assumption of the applicable fee based on the monthly charges of your Virgin Media plans.
  • If you have decided to end Virgin Media subscription, then check offers from other providers and decide which provider to switch to.


Note: It is advised to plan the cancellation 30 days earlier from the end date of your Virgin Media contract if you are subscribed to a fixed plan. Whereas, if you are using monthly rolling service, then just request for cancellation before the time you want to discontinue the service. It helps you utilize the services you have paid for to the fullest and skip the Early Disconnection Fee (EDF).



How much is Virgin Media Cancellation Charges?

The cancellation charges for Virgin Media Contract are levied based on how much period is remaining till the end of the service contract minus the cooling off period. For example, If you have subscribed for M200 Fibre Broadband and are paying £50 each month while your contract is still 3 months away from ending. Then, you’ll be charged a cancellation fee based on two months rental that is 80% of £100 subject to be equal to £80.


In any case, the maximum amount for cancellation charges is equal to £240.


What happens if I cancel my Virgin Media Direct Debit?

On cancelling your direct debit to Virgin Media without prior notice to the service provider can get you in trouble of paying some late fee charges on your Virgin Media account. Hence, if you want to cancel direct debit to your Virgin Media account, then you must notify them by calling Virgin Media Customer Service beforehand. So that they can update it in your account as well. Although, direct debit is a lot easier to maintain since you don’t need to worry about the payment due date and any late payment penalty as applicable on manual payment methods. Moreover, Virgin Media usually provides customers who have registered with direct debit with a few additional offers.


Do I have to give 30 days notice to leave Virgin Media?

Yes. The 30 Days period is mandatory to be followed before ending your contract permanently with Virgin Media if you wish to switch to a different provider. However, it is not mandatory to give 30 days prior notice if you are leaving because of poor connectivity issues and hike in prices as compared to previously decided at the time of contract signup.


How do I negotiate with Virgin Media?

You can negotiate your way up to get a favorite deal for you as long as you argue patiently without creating a heated argument. Simply take the following precautions that can help you in negotiating with Virgin Media especially to get better deals.


  • Negotiation best works if you are either close to the ending period of your contract or have already finished the period.
  • Before connecting the call, write down each and every trouble and issue you have experienced so far with your services. Mentioning some of them politely during your conversation with the customer support expert can
  • In most of the deals and packages, you get a number of extra services such as extra channels on your TV or connection speed more than what you need etc. that you might not be interested at all. You can argue with Virgin Media customer service experts and get those unnecessary services removed from your package and lesser the amount of monthly charges.
  • If you can’t find anything that’s suitable to you, then simply try switching to another provider. On doing so, you’ll be receiving a retention call from a Virgin Media expert who will probably give you a better deal if you let them know what you are being offered by another provider.
  • If the prices for the services that you are availing have been increased by Virgin Media before the completion period of the contract, then you can rightfully discontinue the services without paying any cancellation charges.
  • Be more precise and clear with your choices, and calm with your vocal tone when working out a suitable deal with a Virgin Media Customer service expert. Always remember that your motive for the call is to get the best deal for you, not to indulge yourself in a heated argument.
  • If you are trying to negotiate your TV packages and plans, then mention “Freeview” as one of your selected providers. Since Freeview offers almost 95% of the TV channels with way lesser price and mentioning it can help you work out with your desirable deal.
  • On call with customer retention experts, try to dodge the first offer or deal they try to hook you up with. In most cases, they offer small discounts in the first retention offer to the customers.
  • Hold your ground with your choices and suitable deal package and most importantly never try to fake it. Doing some homework beforehand for the latest prices of plans and offers from other providers, will always work in your favor.
  • Don’t get pressured to agree to some limited time plans being offered to you. Be focused on what is necessary to you as per your usage.
  • In most cases, they will not agree to lower the prices. If that happens to you, focus on improving the package to a better one as per your requirements.
  • Don’t hesitate to call them again for negotiating a suitable offer, if you couldn’t find something good in your first attempt.


Can you cancel Virgin Media contract online?

Yes. You can cancel Virgin Media contract online by simply logging into your online account at Virgin Media Login.


What happens when you cancel Virgin Media Contract?

On cancelling a Virgin Media subscription, you will be announced with a final charges document that will include any remaining amount that you need to pay such as an early disconnection fee if you are cancelling before completing your contract period.


You’ll be asked to complete any due payment in order to close your account with Virgin Media. After closing your account, you’ll have 90 days to clear up your contacts, email, and files on Virgin Media Email Service.


Will my virgin box work if I cancel?

It is better to return it to them when they come to your place to collect it. The setup-box is given with the services as a rental device. On cancellation, you might choose to keep the box. However, you’ll be charged a fee if you do so.


How do I cancel my Virgin Media Direct Debit?

The direct debit to your Virgin Media account can only be cancelled at your bank where it was issued. You might be asked to fill out a direct debit deactivation form based on which bank you are holding your account.


It is important to know that you must clear any due payment to Virgin Media before cancelling your direct debit.


Can I cancel Virgin media contract if they increase price?

Yes. You can rightfully cancel Virgin Media Contact anytime if they increase the price of your package in between. You won’t be needed to pay any cancellation charges in this scenario.


How do I cancel Virgin Media Contract and keep the broadband?

On cancelling your Virgin Media contract, you can choose to keep your broadband services and cancel the others. However, it is better to go through some plans before calling the Virgin Media customer service expert. If you can find a good plan that gives you only the broadband services then simply choose downgrade to that plan and mention it to the customer service expert.


If you are unable to find any suitable plan to keep your broadband connection, then don’t hesitate in talking about it with the customer support expert. He/she might help you find a suitable plan to downgrade rather than cancel the entire package.


How can I get out of my early termination fee?

If you are planning to cancel your subscription due to moving to a location where Virgin Media is not available or if you are unhappy with the service experience, then simply state your reason while requesting cancellation.


You can rightfully cancel Virgin Media Contract without paying any cancellation charges if you are unhappy with the service you are being offered such as poor connectivity and interrupted media experience even after getting technical help from the customer support.

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